The project house in koudougou

The Project House was initially planned for the accommodation of French staff working on the Nyalgue project, in good standards of comfort and at a low price. However, the outlook of the Project House has changed. It has been decided to make it available to a wider customer range, i.e. to people who take an interest in development or who are keen to learn more about the country, its inhabitants, culture and way of life.

Therefore it has now been renamed the House of Projects and offers rooms for technicians on development projects, such as the Spirulina farm, or various other development projects around Koudougou. Volunteers can thus find lodgings in this family size guesthouse and stay in safety and comfort at a very convenient price.


The Projects House in Koudougou, Burkina Faso


“La Maison des Projets”

(The Spirulina Farm, medicinal plants, second hand clothes outlet, honey production, Responsible Tourism, etc.)


Address: Koudougou, Quartier St Félicité (in front of the Mobil gas station), near the restaurant “Le Square”.

Single room with mosquito net and fan – 3 500 CFA francs = €5.34;

Room with air conditioning 5 5OO CFA francs = € 8.38, incl.

Bathroom, living room, TV, library, videofilms, garden, 2 terraces, telephone, Internet;


Full Afro-European meal – 1 250 CFA francs = € 1.91

Breakfast 500 CFA francs = € O.76

Vegetables washed in purified (filtered) water, cold drinks


Room and full board for one week (based on 2 guests): 35 000 CFA francs = €53, special rates for children and students.

Free bicycles during stay (visits criss-crossing to Sabou, Reo, Gundi, Toega, Cassou, the Spirulina farm, the beehives, second hand clothes outlet).


A friendly and welcoming family house, opportunities to meet others, fair room rates, comfort;


Residents you will meet: volunteers of various organisations, teachers, health workers, development technicians, elected representatives, craftsmen, which will allow you to quickly get to know the Burkinabè;


Possibility to take part in training courses, i.e. dancing, djembé drumming, crafts (copper, Bogolan textiles, batik ..) The House also has mopeds for rent.


Transportation Airport – Koudougou €25, all inclusive (guide and bus)

Contact person in Burkina: Irene, landlady: Tel. + 226 76 57 01 49

In France: 06 11 70 97 65; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it