Spirulina caracteristics
About 3,5 billions years ago appeared the first green algaes and, surprising thing, they always live. One among them is in the brackish and alkali lakes (PHS 9 - 11) assuring a big biologic purity of the hottest regions of the globe: the SPIRULINA.

Consumed by the Aztecs and again nowadays by the KANEMBOUS of Chad, appreciated since more of 20 years by the professionals of the dietetics for its nutritional and medicinal qualities, the spirulina of by all its properties is an excellent food complement for all, very efficient in the cases of malnutrition and anemias, thanks to its content in amino acidSilly-Carotene essentials, iron, calcium, mineral, essential fatty acids as acid gamma linoléic.

It is used besides with success by the sportsmen, the vegetarians, the aged people as well as for the women who nurse. As amplifier of the immune defenses, the regular consumption of spirulina permits a real economy on the budget "health" of the users. Otherwise, the spirulina attracts the attention of the world health scientists, more and more.

Numerous studies of laboratory and some preclinics studies indicate several therapeutic effects, that it was about reducing cholesterol, to fight the herpes, the diabetes, the tuberculosis and the malaria. Some more recent scientific studies have the tendency to show the faculty of the spirulina to inhibit the viral replication, to reinforce the immune system. One often observes the improvement of the health state in the case of cancers and carriers of the VIH virus.


The spirulina is a microscopic, multicellular algae. It is at a time close to the plant (product of the chlorophyll), of the animal (is not covered of cellulose, what makes it very digestible) and of the bacterium (doesn't possess a core). It is part of the class of the CYANOPHYCEAE and the family of the OSCILLATORIACEAE. Its kind: SPIRULINA.

Protein plant
60 %
B1 Thiamine
3,4 mg
6 %
B2 Riboflavine
3,7 mg
19 %
B3 Niacine
14 mg
8 %
B8 Biotine
5 mcg
7 %
Folic B9 Acid
10 mcg

B 12
220 mcg
E vitamin
10 mg
110 mg
95 mg
Caroténoides totaux
195 mg
800 mg
790 mg
400 mg
1400 mg
2 mg
0,9 mg
Acidic gammalinol
1000 mg
This worth of analyses is given for information only and is susceptible to fluctuate because of the natural character of the product. By precaution we indicate the generally observed middle values.


Infantile malnutrition, anemia: some remarkable effects are noted from doses varying according to the child's weight between 1 and 5g / day. The length of the daily cure will be the order of 4 to 6 weeks, the first results will normally appear at the end of some days. Just add, at lunch time, to a small quantity of mush, of rice, a teaspoon more or less full of spirulina,in beginning of meal, when the child is hungry sufficiently. On the whole, pasts the first moments of surprise due to a new food, the spirulina is tolerated very well and is assimilated by the children in age to nourish themselves. In the contrary case, to proceed by gastric probe with a mixture of powder of spirulina and water.

Evolution the more often noted:
- Melting of the edemas: between 5 and 10 days.
-Apparition of the "smile-answer": in 8 to 13 days.
- Meaningful ponderal gain since the first day (out kwashiorkor) (on average 20g /day)
- Increase of the hemoglobin rate at the end of one to two weeks.
- Increase of the biologic scorers of the MPE: pre-albumin and transférine (of where good nutritional value of the spirulina).

Besides the child's health, the balance economic of the use of the spirulina for a center of nutritional rehabilitation (CREN) is especially interesting, since it permits, not only a time of recuperation of the child, faster than with merely the enriched traditional flours, but also the economy of vitamin complements and chemical origin iron.

Preventive health of the adults and sportsmen, aged people, pregnant women, women nursing: proceed by cure of 3 weeks at the rate of 5g/jour, without interruption (1 to 2 teaspoon / day to the meal).

The spirulina perfectly adapts with the garishness, sauces, rice, noodles, yogurts. It can also be mixed with water, syrups or fruits juices (to dissolve before with a spoon in water). The doses can be increased according to the wish and without risk until 40 g / day.

Aforementionedillnesses: Do not interrupt the medical treatments eventualy prescribed. Proceed by cures of 3 to 5 weeks, at the rate of at least 5g/j (a full teaspoon), so possible without interruption. Attention: in the case of the malaria, the spirulina only acts as deterrent and not as curative. To take the medical treatment appropriated since the apparition of the crisis.

VIH AIDS: permanent treatment at the rate of 5 to 10 g/day, without interruption. Although no scientific confirmation took place again, we collect more and more very encouraging testimonies on behalf of seropositive people coming to get a stock at the farm and whose health would have improved considerably. According to our experience, the suspension of the consumption drives however to the resurgence of the immunodepressives symptoms .


The spiruline must be kept safe from light and air. Well to close again after use. The sachets in plastic can be closed with a rubber bandafter opening. NEVER BOIL!