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And last fortress underground guide 3) for the love of god, get some quality control. Because I wanted a game to play as I wanted by myself if I wanted. This game for all it’s cool gameplay eventually forces you into an alliance to survive.

« As already known, the Fuehrer, contrary to previous procedure, has ordered for this drive the uniform concentration in one hand of all economic operations and has entrusted the Reich Marshal with the overall direction of the economic administration in the area of operations and in the areas under political administration. « 5. In view of the extended field of activity, the term war economy inspection is to be used preferably, instead of armament inspection. Accompanying the advancing troops directly behind the front lines, in order to avoid the destruction of supplies and to secure the removal of important goods. « 3. Clear statement that the organization is to be independent of the military or civil administration. Close cooperation, but instructions direct from the central office in Berlin. « 2. The reports will be made on Saturday, 14 June 1941, at the Reich Chancellery, Berlin.

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Also, the leader of the alliance may not put forward any requirements, in which case joining the alliance will occur automatically without submitting an application. For the first entry into the alliance, you will receive a small reward in the form of 100 recruitment points. If you know the name of the alliance you want to join, find it through the search bar, you can also select an alliance from the list of recommended ones. Analyze information about the number of players, total BM, alliance level and the main language of communication. It is necessary to select an alliance with the maximum number of active players, which guarantees you more rewards. For the successful development of the shelter and the creation of a powerful army, it is necessary to conduct scientific research.

How do I quit an alliance quest?

  1. Access the Pause menu, then select Communication followed by Clan.
  2. Select the "View Alliance Button" on your Clan Management page.
  3. Select the "Leave Alliance" option on the Alliance page.

Start by taking a sharp right after exiting the tunnels and climbing up the cliffside. Remember to use Shift to climb on top of the vehicles as you move down, avoiding the Eternalists on the ground. After dropping down the elevator shaft, you’ll see two Eternalists ahead of you, along with a sensor on your left. Hack the sensor with your Hackamajig, then use Shift to climb on top of the vehicle ahead of you. From here, use Shift to stealthily take out the Eternalists around you.

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It wont let me get into events, stopped leveling the facilities and I’lll lose the resources. If I go into alliance, it says the alliance doesnt exist but the chat window says otherwise. Tried restarting my phone, tried a different wifi or turning it off altogether, tried clearing the cache and tried deleting and reinstalling the game. I spent some money on this app as well and having these issues stops any construction or further development in the game. Reaching customer support is terrible, literally send them videos and screenshots of all my information with the problems occurring and after a long waiting period they asked me for my information and what’s going on like they didn’t see anything I sent. I send them the information and still wait with nothing being fixed..

  • It is really annoying & instead of this being a fun game it is now a job that everyone is complaining about.
  • Further excavations, subject to the approval of the Iranian government, will throw more light on their architecture and use.
  • The directive then indicated that there would be certain preparations of a general nature for war.
  • People began to form groups to increase their chances of being saved from zombie attacks.

So it is recommended to focus on just a few major things first. Excavation and exploration should be the main focuses of newer players. After that, maintaining resources at the highest quantity possible should be the second main focus.

With the restoration of what was called the military sovereignty of the Reich in 1935-the reoccupation of the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland-the external camouflage of rearmament was eliminated.  » Organizing the pilots of civilian air lines in such a way as to enable their transfer to the air force organization. « The Reich Foreign Minister interjected that the Americans precisely under all circumstances wanted to maintain the powerful position of England in East Asia, but that on the other hand it is proved by this attitude, to what extent she fears a joint action of Japan and Germany.

« It has been alleged that, if His Majesty’s Government had made their position clear in 1914, the great catastrophe would have been avoided. Whether or not there is any force in that allegation, His Majesty’s Government are resolved that on this occasion there shall be no such tragic misunderstanding. « Ribbentrop added that if the two problems mentioned in yesterday’s conversations were settled, Italy and Germany would have their backs free for work against the West. The Fuehrer said that Poland must be struck down so that for 50 years she would be incapable of fighting. In such a case, matters in the West could be settled. « Irrespective of the manner in which its final formulation may be determined by both parties, the new Polish-British agreement is intended as a regular Pact of Alliance, which, by reason of its general sense and of the present state of political relations, is directed exclusively against Germany. « I. Safeguarding the frontiers of the German Reich, and protection against surprise air attacks. « I promised to refer to you the suggestion of a conversation between you and the Chancellor. Ribbentrop remarked that I might go to Warsaw during the next few days to talk over this matter. He advised that the talk should not be delayed, lest the Chancellor should come to the conclusion that Poland was rejecting all his offers.

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« But even a period of tension, more or less preceding a war, must terminate in sudden action on our part-which must have the elements of surprise as regards time and extent-before the enemy is so advanced in military preparedness that he cannot be surpassed. « From a military as well as a political standpoint the most favorable course is a lightning-swift action as the result of an incident through which Germany is provoked in an unbearable way for which at least part of world opinion will grant the moral justification of military action. « It is my unalterable decision to smash Czechoslovakia by military action in the near future. It is the job of the political leaders to await or bring about the politically and militarily suitable moment.